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The Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital is committed to make available 20% beds of total strength for admission of indigenous and financially weaker section of the society. On these beds all facilities (boarding, lodging, investigations, medicine and operative procedures are free. In addition to that we are running OPDs for all disciplines where poor patients are seen free of charge. 20% of all the investigations in the OPD patients are free of charge. These facilities are provided strictly on a first-come first served basis. Following the growing demand in Bihar for advanced Medical & Surgical treatment Hi-Tech Emergency hospital will prove to be a major 24 Hours Emergency Patient care centre with superior technology in medical & Surgical expertise to bridge the gap. It’s a well established state-of-the-art hospital with the highest standards of Emergency patient care with wide-ranging facilities under one roof. Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital spread in an area of 1.3 acre is situated at Saguna more , Patna is a Multi Specialty 200 bed hospital having ultra modern Medical facilities like (35 bed) I.C.U , (15 bed)ICCU,(15 bed) NICU , C.T scan , Digital X-ray ,Ultra Sound with Color Doppler, Echo, Dialysis, Mammography, Radiology, Pathology, Physiotherapy & Blood Centre . Within a very short period we are also opening up MRI Unit. Hi-tech Hospital aim to be most reliable resource in therapies related to 24 hours Intensive Emergency care.


  • Lending healing touch to the life of people is at the heart of Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital. The hospital is committed to the well being of not just patients, but society as a whole. The ultimate goal is to provide quality healthcare to all those who need it. Hence, the hospital has developed a sound and highly transparent management model that takes the interests of patients, shareholders, investors, business partners, employees, communities and government bodies into account to maintain the best in corporate governance, risk management, corporate ethics and compliance.

    The hospital has over the years emerged as a socially responsible corporate citizen. It has been observing the following national / international days of significance, by organizing 40 % free (First come first serve) health check-up :

    • World Leprosy Eradication Day [Jan 30]
    • International Women's Day [Mar 8]
    • World Disabled Day [Mar 15]
    • World Tuberculosis Day [Mar 24]
    • World Health Day [Apr 7]
    • World Haemophilia Day [Apr 17]
    • World Red Cross Day [May 8]
    • No Tobacco Day [May 31]
    • World Zoonoses Day [July 6]
    • World Population Day [July 11]
    • Breast-feeding Week [Aug 1-7]
    • Alzheimer's Day [Sep 21]
    • World Heart Day/Day of Deaf [Sep 26]
    • International Day for the Elderly [Oct 1]
    • World Allergy Awareness Day [Oct 11]
    • Diabetes Day [Nov 14]
    • National Epilepsy Day [Nov 17]
    • World AIDS Day [Dec 1]
    • International Day of Disabled Persons [Dec 3]
  • When the patient leaves hospital , we prepare a discharge plan for every individual patient. All the members of healthcare team are responsible for helping with the discharge planning process. The experienced staff will make sure that patients are:

    • Provided with all the necessary advice, information, and medical supplies to enable their immediate return home.
    • Given all relevant contact details to enable them to call the hospital, at any time should any problems arise.

    Contacted by a member of our care team, once they are home (if they so wish), and to confirm that they are making a satisfactory recovery, and to provide them with any further advice. The concerned doctor will determine when the patient may be discharged. To complete the discharge process, please observe the following procedures:

    • While discharge times vary from patient to patient, we advise to make transportation arrangement for the patients accordingly.
    • On the day the patient is discharged, a member of the family should go to the Cashier's Office and receive the discharge slip indicating that all the payments have been made.
    • Before you leave, be sure you understand all the instructions regarding medications or follow-up office visits.
    • Don't forget to check all drawers, cabinets, and night stands before leaving to make sure you have all your belongings. The hospital is not responsible for any personal property left behind.
    • When the patient is ready to leave, hospital personnel will escort him to the main lobby entrance.
    • Responsibility for providing accurate and complete information about medical problems, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, pain and other matters related to health conditions.
    • Responsibility for following the treatment plan recommended by those responsible for their care.
    • Responsibility for their actions, if they refuse treatment or do not follow the instructions of the healthcare team.
    • Responsibility for seeing that their bills are paid as promptly as possible and strictly following hospital rules and regulations.


Our Vision

To champion the never-ending quest for a healthier world, through our culture of caring and discovery, To help people achieve health for life.


  • To create life-long relationships by changing the way health and health care are delivered in our communities. We provide exemplary physical, emotional and spiritual care for each of our patients and their families.
  • We balance the continued commitment to the care of the poor and those most in need with the provision of highly specialized services to a broader community.
  • We build a work environment where each person is valued, respected and has an opportunity for personal and professional growth We advance excellence in health services education.
  • We foster a culture of discovery in all of our activities and supporting exemplary health sciences research.
  • We strengthen our relationships with universities, colleges, other hospitals, agencies and our community.
  • We demonstrate social responsibility through the just use of our resources.

The commitment of our staff, physicians, volunteers, students, community partners and friends to our mission ensures us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring