Excellence in Quality


Quality patient care has a particular meaning here at Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital, focusing on six dimensions of quality as Safety, Outcomes, Access, Patient experience, Equity and Efficiency. We believe that this emphasis will yield palpable change for patients.

Quality improvement is an ongoing priority that helps us continually find new and better ways of doing things so that we can enhance care for patients, increase satisfaction and achieve even better clinical outcomes.

Quality Improvement Plans provide a meaningful way for Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital to clearly articulate our accountability to our community, patients and staff. Our QIP is focused on creating a positive patient experience and delivering high quality health care.

Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital Quality Improvement goals for 2018-2019 derive from our strategic focus and commitment to quality patient care and will build on continuous quality improvement work from previous years according to the following corporate indicators:

  • We will maintain our rate of Clostridium Difficile [ CDI ] Infections below benchmark and work to reduce it even further.
  • We will maintain our rate of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia [VAP] below benchmark and work to reduce it even further.
  • Given the introduction of a new audit tool which has impacted the compliance rates by 10 %, Hand Hygiene compliance will be a major focus and is projected to increase from 26% to 36% before patient contact and from 37% to 47% after patient contact.
  • We will maintain our rate of Central Line Bloodstream Infections [ CLI ] below benchmark and work to reduce it even further.
  • We will maintain our current performance on the Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio
  • We will reduce the patient care days spent in acute care by patients who no longer require acute hospital care by 365 days, providing more appropriate care
  • We will be consistent in our fiscal performance and maintain a balanced budge
  • We will reduce the ER Wait Time of patients with Complex Conditions by 30 minutes.
  • We will maintain patient satisfaction who would “definitely recommend the hospital to family and friends” and will work hard to improve all measures of patient satisfaction.
  • patients tell us what quality improvement means to them:
  • _ “don’t hurt me”
  • _ “help me to get better”
  • _ “treat me with kindness”
  • _ “don’t leave me waiting