Keshav Hospital

KESHAV HOSPITAL PVT LTD, a 100 bedded, dedicated orthopaedic hospital, with a built up area of more than 70000 sq. ft. is one of the best private orthopaedic hospital in Bihar. The hospital renders highly specialized services in all areas of orthopaedics which include Joint Replacement, Traumatology, Spinal Surgery, Paediatrics Orthopaedic, Arthroscopy, Sports Injuries, Hand and Plastic Surgery. We provide a comprehensive range of neuro-musculoskeletal healthcare, ranging from acute spinal injuries to orthopaedic medicine and specialist rehabilitation for chronic back sufferers.

Clinical Services

In addition to general orthopaedics we deals with bone tumours, scoliosis, metabolic disease, rheumatology, urology, spinal injuries, specialist shoulder conditions and sport injuries.
Our nursing staff deal with the management of clinics and general nursing duties that include wound care, phlebotomy, performing ECG's and any basic nursing care. An important function of the department is assessing patients prior to surgery. This includes a thorough nursing assessment to identify and deal with any special requirements and giving patients information and education.



  • Patient with less severe conditions are attended by nurse practitioners, followed by emergency doctors and by senior specialists.

  • The patients at the hospital may be kept under observation to monitor the progress. Condition of the patient can be analyzed on the basis of display on the monitoring unit. The system is very sensitive, so one can hear an alarm even when there is any change in the patient's position.

  • Your doctor may require specific tests such as blood tests or X-rays, ultrasound examination or CT scans. An emergency department staff will attend you, when you leave the department for the tests. Please consult the doctor or nurse if you are unaware of the complexity of the test or the procedure.

    Lab test result may take a few minutes to an hour. Other tests such as X-rays and those requiring special preparation may require more time. We make all the efforts to obtain the results and report as early as possible.

  • As soon as the test results are available, your doctor will discuss it with you and recommend a treatment or admission. Treatment can be simple or complex depending on the condition of the patient. In few cases, treatment can last for only few minutes or hours with simple medical aides such as splints, bandages, IVs or medications. You may be referred to a team of specialists.

    In complex treatment or surgeries, you may be required to submit a written consent.

  • We only advise you to get admitted in the hospital, when we are confirmed that it is the best way to help you.

    You will be directed to admission desk for registering yourself, where you will be charged for the hospital services. In case you have the medical insurance, it is advisable to inform about it at the counter. You will have to make all the payments till your insurance company approves your admission in the hospital.

    The patients have the option of different rooms to choose from. As you are directed to the room, you will be escorted by the hospital staff.

    • A Triage Room: When a large number of patients are admitted at the same time, patients with medical priorities are given the first preference.
    • Resuscitation Room: Patients facing life-threatening problems are stabilized in this area by a team of specialist doctors. Resuscitation room is facilitated with monitors, defibrillators and ventilators.
    • Back-up Support: The emergency department of the hospital is backed by a 24 hour blood centre, biochemistry labs, diagnostics imaging facilities and emergency operation theaters.
    • Specialist Doctors: We have a team of specialist doctors available round the clock to treat all types of emergencies.

Contact info

  • Keshav Hospital Pvt. Ltd.
    Saguna More, Bailey Road, Patna-801503
  • Helpline No.: 7091598055,9708036409,9608498978 ,Fax No - 06115-3292324



  • Spinal Cord Injury Centre
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Joint reconstruction
  • Paediatric & adolescents
  • Peripheral nerve injury unit
  • Anaesthesia
  • The Sarcoma Unit
  • Radiology
  • Spinal surgical unit
  • Integrated back unit
  • Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Prosthetic and Amputee
  • Rheumatology
  • Sport and Exercise Medicine
  • Infection Control
  • Private Patient Unit